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10 August, 2016

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The aim of game is to teach you how to use linux commands to control your linux-based operating system, currently the game has few stages and it has be increased no future.


So let a geek person to challenge himself using linux commands to discover, protect, and install software packages in your virtual machine. It about several stages and each stage has its tasks that he has to complete. Each task contains many subtasks and it has a terminal virtual window with tappable keyboard which contains commands keys used to for each subtask. Another thing is, there is a small documentation view for each task or subtask that shows commands used on a task or subtask with description (like 'man [command]' on linux-based operating system).


  • Learn how to use linux commands: learning linux commands that used to move between directories, knowing current path, executing programs (linux commands like pwd, ls, cd, cat, exit, …)
  • Give you basic introduction to networking: how to know your machine’s IP address, what is a network and how to connect to a network.
  • Learn how to protect your machine: establishing firewall for your machine, how to deal with ‘iptables’ command-based tool.
  • Practice ‘learn by doing’ methodology when you finished each stage of game: user or player has to finished each task by using linux commands to open next stage, he/she has to learn little about commands that should be use by using documentation provided in game.
  • Each task provided documentation of linux commands: useful documentation if you don’t know how to use special linux command, or which command is specialized for finishing a single task.


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Linuxer: explore Linux behind the scenes
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at smalldigits.com.

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